1 Season
English, Bahasa Indonesia, ภาษาไทย
Comedy, Drama
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    Episode 1


    On the verge of signing a deal for their first feature film, - Henna, three young filmmakers - Rahul (a director), Faizal (a DOP) and Shalini (a producer), find themselves at a crossroads when they realise that the head of JJ Studios, Ramesh Nair intends to buy them out. When Shalini encourages the boys to take the deal, it leads to a falling out between them. Meanwhile, washed up director Ramakant Shukla finds himself at odds with Ramesh Nair as well, when he realises that JJ Studios is making a sequel to his film Atishbaazi… without him! As the protagonists find themselves in over their heads, they each choose a path that will set them on their journey to achieve their dreams. Shalini accepts a job offer by Ramesh Nair, Faizal quits his job as a DOP for porn director Shah and Rahul finds himself questioning his drive to make Henna

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