Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

1h 53m
English, Bahasa Indonesia, ภาษาไทย
Drama, Romance

The families of Montague and Capulet use any excuse to publicly fight in the streets of Verona, drawing a strict rebuke from the Prince. But young Romeo of the Montagues is not interested - he is far too in love with Rosaline, a cousin to the Capulets, a romance which his cousin Benvolio urges him not to pursue. But that night, there is to be a masked celebration at the Capulet estate, and Romeo manages to secure an invitation. At the ball, Romeo instantly forgets his feelings for Rosaline when he spies Juliet; she is likewise struck dumb when she sees Romeo. Later, Romeo and Juliet are dismayed to learn that their new loves are of the rival family; undaunted, Romeo spies Juliet on her balcony and boldly declares his love for her. As the lovers grow more desperate, Friar Laurence attempts to hatch a plan that will allow them to be together forever - but will their boldness and bravery in love result in eternal happiness or tragedy?


Carlo Carlei


Tomas Arana, Laura Morante, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Damian Lewis, Natascha McElhone



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